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 Hot deals (1$-100$)

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PostSubject: Hot deals (1$-100$)   Sat Feb 13, 2010 12:06 pm

Hello my forum members,
I want offer you some Hot Deals.
You want Some money to LR,PP,AP,MB,PM?
I can Help You.
1- offer
Register HYIP site
and deposite 10$ LR to 30days.
You deposite 10$ i give you 5$ for me and you get paid to verfield 10$+ all for offer=15$+
2- offer
Register : and deposite 10$ and i give you 6$ for me and you get paid 10$ to verfield.
3- offer
Register Ptc site and click 4 ads per day,i give you 0,10$ LR,PP for 4 click ads.
4- offer
Register and complate 2 offers,and i send you 0,20$ LR,PP
5- offer
Click her (Head Or Tail)
and bet 1-50$ and i send you 50% you bet money.
6- offer Casino Game
click her
deposite 1-100$ for play and i send you 15% for you deposite money.
When you complate offer write me pm and leave You LR acc/PP,you email,nick.
i send money per 24h
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PostSubject: Re: Hot deals (1$-100$)   Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:31 pm

Hi Admin, how long it will takes till you will send us refback from you? Can we also refer new members for you and get payed for this?

How long your to us offer will be open?
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Hot deals (1$-100$)
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